About author I.M. Redwright

Hello there, this is I.M. Redwright, author of The Sword’s Choice series. First of all let me thank you simply for being part of this, this journey is being amazing so far and I’m really glad you are on my boat, I hope you will enjoy it as much as myself.


The Sapphire Eruption, the first book in the series, started just as a hobby. I had a story in my head, a boy with a sword of fire. And the more I thought of the story the more I thought “Ok, this has to be on paper”. The plot got bigger and bigger and, here we are, the first volume of a series.

I have always enjoyed embarking into new adventures. And self-publishing seemed like an epic one. It was fun and challenging, I must say I have learned so much during all this process as well as I have met great people (readers, authors and so on).

Being in charge of the advertising was either challenging, super fun and, the least times, frustrating. I was aware advertising was a key, so I tried to do this differently, how cool is it to have a trailer for your book? I love it. I had to use all my knowledge in technologies and discover is was not even close to be enough, actually this book has made me learn about so many fields I didn’t have the slightest idea how they worked… just because of that this journey was worth it.