Books by IM Redwright

The Sword's Choice series

The Sapphire Eruption

Once a year, the skies burn red. Upon this day, the Fire Kingdom’s priests perform their ritual: each newborn’s palm is lacerated, opened with a sacred sword, for Firia’s next ruler will be seen to shed no blood.

Alas, this can prove a perilous process. When young Nokhail demonstrates his destiny, a wicked imposter attempts to slay the boy. Soldier Lumio intervenes, escaping with defenseless Noakhail—set for distant Aquadom to hide . . . and gather strength.

Seventeen years later, Lumio illuminates Noakhail’s true identity, presenting Distra, his rightful sword.

Training side by side, the pair devise a plan to reclaim the throne . . . but this will mean ousting a crooked king, whose warriors are everywhere.


Should Noakhail hope to triumph, he’ll be forced to look inside himself and tame explosive power on the expedition homeward bound. His path will cut through all four kingdoms—each replete with danger but, in turn, a chance to grow.


Meanwhile, in Aquadom’s royal palace, the water sword has chosen its heir, but envy stands to jeopardize an age of fragile peace. 


Indeed, a war awaits. 

The Emerald Storm:

Noakh and his friends attempted to infiltrate the Earth Kingdom through a forgotten passage, but a formidable warrior lay in wait, scattering the group. After the harrowing confrontation, Noakh is determined to reunite with his friends. However, he is unaware that Tir Torrent has grown far more perilous, and he must act quickly if he hopes to find Hilzen, Dabayl, and Rivet alive…

Princess Vienne faces a near-impossible mission: to track down and defeat the young man who overcame a Water Knight. To achieve this, she must awaken the powers of the sacred water sword and prove herself worthy to rule before the escalating war between Fireos and Aquos reaches its peak…


In the Earth Kingdom, much has changed since the Aquos were forced to leave and defend their borders against the impending assault of Wulkan and his fearsome warriors. Easily manipulated, the disillusioned people find renewed purpose through the White Raven’s machinations, with no regard for the lives that will be lost in the process…

The Citrine earthquake

Noakh and his companions delve into the realm of Aere Tine, plunged into chaos following the unexpected destruction of the Tower of Concord and the disappearance of the sacred sword Tizai. Even in the shadows of despair, the cunning monarchs of these lands will concoct a most audacious scheme to reclaim it…

It’s time for Vienne to return to the Queendom of Water and with her return, a fraternal conflict will reignite for the throne.

 She must gather courage and confront her sister Katienne, who is not willing to give up the crown so easily…

Other books

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