When is the Citrine Earthquake coming out?

When is the Citrine Earthquake coming out?

You might be wondering how long is it going to take until you can read The Citrine Earthquake (The Sword’s Choice 3), since book 2 in the series was released in may 2023 it may seem that it make take a while until the next installment gets published, but that’s not the case.

Keep in mind that this is not an official date, but I plan to publish the Citrine Earthquake in November, 2023. And I have great news, there’s a lot of Katienne in it, and it’s the best book in the series (by far? I can’t tell, but I really liked this one).

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how is the sword's choice 3 going?

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the book is already published in Spanish. This means that the story is out there, so I “only” have to translate it, which means a few months of hard work, less sleep, and some stress as well.

However, I have lots of energy this summer, so I have already begun with the translation of The Citrine Earquake, so far it’s flowing really well but, you know, it needs to be properly reviewed and edited, and this takes some time. 

Oh, and I can share the cover with you as well:

The Citrine Earthquake

What can you tell us about the citrine earthquake?

First off, I have to say that I’m incredibly proud of this book. Despite having written it in less than a year, I really feel accomplished, I enjoyed writing it and I feel like it helped me to grow as an author. While my two previous books were written in a more chaotic way, I was more systematic when iI approached The Citrine Earthquake, I had scripted the plot, I also had written about the new characters, the lore, and how I wanted the characters you already know to evolve in this story. And not only it was helpful, but it was incredibly satisfying.

But what’s the book about? I don’t want to reveal much so I’ll just tell you the basics: Noakh enters the Kingdom of Air, the sacred sword of which has been lost (because of the attack at the Tower of Concord at the end of book 2). On the other hand, Vienne gets back to her home, the war between Aquos and Fireos in inminent, but there’s a battle she must fight first, one she is not ready for, to face her evil and despicable sister Katienne…



Lots of things happen in The Citrine Earthquake (a lot indeed), so I really think this one will become your favorite. So, please, just wait a bit more, It will be worth the wait, promised :).


My daughter loves your books. I’m trying to get all your writing in hardcover and so hard to find. Please don’t stop your stories.

Hi Tina, that’s amazing to hear! all my books are available in hardcover in the Amazon shop. Book 3 will be out in a few weeks 🙂

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